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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

• All personal information we collect is collected lawfully, within the terms of the Data

Protection Act 1998.

• We do not release any information we hold about our customers to any third part unless

we are required to do so by law.

• All our information is collected by contacting us, placing an order and/or by signing up

via our registration web page.

• If you do not wish to receive emails informing you of promotions or other services we

provide, please email us to let us know.

• We store all customer delivery and contact details to enable customers to place

additional orders without having to fill in their details again. If you do not wish for us to retain

this information, please email us to let us know.

• We NEVER allow any third party to use our customer details.

• We do not permit on our web site third party or cross web site tracking cookies and we

fully support users who block such cookies.

• The web site uses temporary and permanent cookies of the type which browsers keep

private to our web site. This is required, since it is the most secure mechanism available

to distinguish users from each other and to keep order information private. For additional

security, we never send any information in these cookies which could have meaning to a third

party, we simply request that your browser stores code numbers which only our web site can

match to your order information. You may can prevent your browser using cookies and still

browse the web site, however, as with all secure e-commerce web sites the shopping cart and

other login features cannot work. The banks payment gateway also requires cookies. Please

note that the recommended web browsing security level automatically set by most browsers,

cookie blocking and privacy software will allow our site to operate normally; most users will

not have to change their settings in order to use our site and make payments.

• Our web site logs all activities on the site and associated cookie information. This

is primarily for securing reasons and to help protect customers. We keep this information

private and only use it for security, improving performance of the web site, detecting and

investigating problems and for helping customers use the site.

• If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please email us and we will

endeavour to contact you regarding your enquiry within 24 hours.