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Frozen Shellfish

Frozen Shellfish, Molluscs & Cephalopods


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Clam Meat  (1lb)
1lb bag This flavoursome Clam meat is ready cooked. Simply thaw and they are ready to u..
Ex Tax: £3.60
Cleaned Baby Squid Tubes with tentacles (1kg)
1kg bag ( Approx 8 - 12 Tubes per bag ) These Squid are ready cleaned and come with there te..
Ex Tax: £8.40
Cleaned Squid Tubes (Regular)
1kg bag   ( 5 Tubes per bag ) These Squid tubes are ready cleaned. FROZEN ..
Ex Tax: £8.60
Cooked Mussels in the Shell  (Vac Pack)  (1kg)
FROZEN 1kg vac packed bag Large Chilean mussels in the shell, these are already blanched..
Ex Tax: £4.20
Crab Claw Meat (White meat only)  (1lb) (454g)
1lb pack This great flavored Swimmer Crab claw meat is from Indonesia, perfect for crab cakes. ..
Ex Tax: £11.20
Crab Meat (Brown & White) 50/50%  (1lb)
1lb pack This fantastic Devon 50/50% crab meat is full of flavour. You get both brown & ..
Ex Tax: £9.90
Luxury Seafood Cocktail Mix (500g)
FROZEN 500g bag A fine blend of Squid rings, Mussel meat, Cockle meat and Prawns. ..
Ex Tax: £5.95
Mussel Meat (1kg)
FROZEN 1kg bag Froxen cooked Mussel meat. ..
Ex Tax: £6.10
Octopus ( Small ) (1kg bag)
FROZEN 1kg bag Great dusted in seasoned flour and deep fried. ..
Ex Tax: £5.95
FROZEN 1kg pack No need to spend time opening your live Oysters when you only want to add..
Ex Tax: £9.60
FROZEN 1 Kilo Vac Packs Whole cooked Clams in shell. ..
Ex Tax: £4.10